AIH Underwriting Limited. Brighton Place, U0215, Jalan Bahasa, P.O Box 80431,87014 Labuan FT., Malaysia
Tel: +6087 442899   Fax: +6087  451899

 Incorporated in Labuan, Malaysia with the Company No: LL09214
Authorised and Regulated by The Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), License No: US201226

AIH Underwriting Limited ("AIHU") is an Independent, International Insurance and Reinsurance Underwriting Manager based in the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre. It is incorporated in Labuan FT, under the Labuan Companies Act 1990.

AIHU is fully Licensed as a Labuan Underwriting Manager under the Labuan Financial Services & Securities Act 2010: License No. US201226

AIHU is also a member of Labuan International Insurance Association.
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copyright © 2011, AIH Underwriting Limited, all rights reserved

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